Let’s face it, the Fringe, or bangs, hairstyle is the latest craze for both long and short hair. Every time we pick up a magazine, celebrities are highlighting the “Fringe.” We no longer have to be jealous of Kim Kardashian, Jessica Beal, Nicole Richie, or Reese Witherspoon, who are now all sporting the fringe bang. Chic bangs can be easily obtained for a more dramatic look. Bangs can take years off your face and bring attention to your eyes. Our stylists will fringe your hair so that it compliments and flatters your face shape. There are many variations…side-swept, blunt-cut, peek-a-boo hairstyles with bangs.  If you are accustomed to your long locks, you can change the levels of your hair without a drastic haircut. We feel bangs frame your face …and the way in which your hair frames your face is the most important aspect of a haircut. Let my staff breathe some life into your spring/summer cut by adding some”fringe”…bangs are super easy to style and can give your look a much-needed, trendy update. One of my master stylists, Maria, and I both took the “fringe plunge!!”